Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

Alvo Dumbledore

Four points has our religion

We make of them our philosophy and of them our action
Live, believe, love and do, this is also our prayer

Live your philosophy, love your art, believe in your religion and do your part
But do not use your religion to try to suppress the other

We are seven billion minds in the world
And wanting everyone to believe in the same thing is, at the very least, idiot

We respect everyone who has faith, we respect all who do not have faith
We respect those who believe in a God, we respect those who believe in no one
We like those who have faith in the universe, We like those who have faith in themselves
We like those who have faith in the verse and we like the ones who walk around

A hug for those who are of science, a hug for those who are of God
A hug for those who are art and a hug for those who are atheists.

Ax for those who are from axé, amen to those who are from Amen
To be good to those who are of magic and love to those who are good

Religious intolerance is the very contradiction
Religion comes from the Latin religare which means union

So stop dividing the world between those who go and those who do not go to paradise.

Our world is sick in everything
While we waste time fighting for this
Instead of dividing religions between those who are evil and those who are good
How about putting your ideology in your pocket

And help that young man who dies in the cold street and without anyone?

The great masters have already said that we need union
So why not make respect a religion too?

Adapted text of the music - Manifesto - Vintage culture

Never before in history have we had a world so competitive, but at the same time so egalitarian when it comes to technology. The Idea

communication was born of nonconformity with our current reality, we fight for a fairer world without rules where freedom, equality and fraternity is law. 

Nice to meet you, we are the Idealistic Agency
 and we are not born to be led, as you are not. We are idealists and we are going to make the world a better place through our ideas and actions.

Know our culture

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